Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grand Palais

Grand Palais

I thought that once I was done planning my own wedding, I would lose interest in wedding blogs. But it isn't so! I still love following the trends, and looking at the beautiful things that inspire people in planning their day.

I would not have wanted two wedding dresses (ceremony and reception). I absolutely loved my dress, and I was comfortable in it, so there was no way I would have diverted more of the budget for a second dress. I do think that with the right venue, it would have been fun to have a "going-away dress" like my mom and many of her friends wore. Would you change into another show-stopping (but not bridal) dress to make your get-away?

One of the many wonderful things about this "Grand Palais" gown by Carol Hannah is that it easily transitions from an elegant wedding dress to a smashing party dress!

Wouldn't it be fabulous with this Kate Spade clutch and coordinating Kate Spade necklace? And the bridesmaids would wear blush and gold, of course. I swoon for anything with these gorgeous deco-inspired patterns.

Isn't it romantic?

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