Monday, February 11, 2013

Affordable Inspiration: "From the Desk of..."

Is your workspace a flourishing den of creativity? Or is it crowded, cluttered, impersonal, uninspirational? We have a desk in our guest bedroom that is used sparingly for getting work done. It weighs approximately 1000 pounds and is coming dangerously close to becoming a "catch-all." I have a loose organizational system meaning that my scrapbooking supplies (paper, embellishments, and more paper) go in one drawer and everything that needs to be scrapbooked (photos, brochures, ticket stubs, etc.) goes in the other drawer. I used to have the whole desk for scrapbooking. But when I got married, we ditched Greg's ugly green desk and tried to make the workspace sharable for both schoolwork and creative projects.

On our desk right now: My Cricut machine, pocket folders for each of Greg's classes, stationery, a favor from our wedding, and an adorable picture of our friends Clark and Jessie. But also on our desk right now? A power adapter for iPad (still in its box), assorted CDs, a shoebox of my anatomy/physiology flashcards, too many pens, and a box of Sparklers from someone's Christmas stocking. It's no wonder that we don't go to the desk to accomplish anything creative.

If you're anything like me, your creative space could use a makeover

Here are a few ideas for how to redesign your desk with affordable art, eloquent words, and generally inspiring aesthetics:

1. Chanel No 5 Print by LadyGatsbyLuxePaper (pictured above)

The Chanel No 5 bottle is iconic. Its clean design is inspirational for a variety of mediums and would be a constant reminder of the elegance of simplicity. For only $10, this watercolor print is affordable art for any kind of workspace.

2. Two Girls Adventure Art Print by Frances Martin

This is another affordable art print, and to me it represents possibilities and adventure. It makes me yearn to travel. It depicts two friends planning their day as light pours into the room. What a great image to hang above a desk where you will plan your next creative adventure. $20

3. Repurpose a globe. 

Globes are classic and stylish. You could simply furnish your desk with a regular globe for a look that is both beautiful and pratical. Or you could use a coat of paint to transform the globe into a creative tool.

Use chalkboard paint to create a blank canvas. You could use your chalkboard globe to leave reminders for yourself, to jot down ideas, or to display quotes for inspiration.

Alternatively, to coordinate with the art prints above, you could paint the globe gold and use a permanent pen to gradually cover the globe with quotes you admire.

4. Ditch the dull pencils and pens.

After you spruce up your desk, don't miss out on an opportunity for added whimsy or beauty. Instead of boring, unnoticable pens and pencils, why not supply yourself with writing instruments that reflect your new decor? INKKIT has lots of pretty pencils, stationery, and other desk supplies in rich hues. My favorites are these twig pencils in plum or in gold.

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