Friday, April 12, 2013

Birthday/Anniversary Gift Idea: Hotel Robe

I turned 27 yesterday! April is a very busy month, because Greg's birthday is just 8 days after mine. His parents are coming to stay with us this weekend, and they're taking us out for a joint birthday dinner at Silo, which looks fantastic. Greg and I are going to go out just the two of us to celebrate my birthday, but we already had a nice celebration at home last night. Greg sauteed tilapia last night in coconut oil, lightly crusted with (unsweetened) flaked cocnut and a berry-cilantro salsa. We got the recipe from How Sweet It Is, which is by far my favorite food blog. We substituted blackberries and raspberries for the pomegranate, and it turned out to be fantastic!

My big gift from Greg this year was a robe from the Inn at Langley, where we stayed on our honemoon. It's a snuggly-soft lightweight waffle weave, perfect for spring/summer. It's embroidered with the name of the inn.

Isn't that a sweet idea for a birthday or anniversary gift for your loved one? Just order a robe from the hotel or inn where you had a special trip.

My birthday present is an everyday reminder of our amazing stay in the Puget Sound and this view from our balcony:

Great idea, Greg!

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