Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Five Things to Tuck Inside of a Letter

I'm making a point of improving my correspondence this year. I am going to send more birthday cards, more sympathy, and more letters just-because.

Here are 5 things that you could tuck inside of a letter to brighten someone's day:

Use your own clues to make a crossword puzzle that the recipient will enjoy. You could include clues like "My favorite book" or "Restaurant where we had our first date" or you could try to stump them with trivia they would like to know. (If I were to make Greg a crossword, I'd include a few animal facts for him to discover!)There are many free crossword generators on the internet, like this one available from Discovery Education. Just be sure when you choose a site that you will be able to print the puzzle without signing up for something you don't want.

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Have you heard of Tattly? Each set of two temporary tattoos is $5, which includes shipping in the U.S. They have designs ranging from typography and animals to nautical scenes and bikes. And because they come in sets of two, you can send one and keep one, or send one to to two different friends! How great would the friendship bracelet pictured above be tucked inside of a birthday card?

I'm thinking of your adorable nieces and nephews. Who among them wouldn't love to receive a balloon "just because?"

My mom sometimes sticks comic strips inside of cards and it always makes my day. Who wouldn't like to receive a little wisdom from Calvin&Hobbes?      


You could send a penny just for good luck, or you could include a special memory in the letter from the year the penny was minted. Maybe you could find a penny from the year you met, the year they were born, or the year they celebrated a big accomplishment.

What else could I tuck inside of a letter this year?


  1. I'm loving the temporary tattoo! Never too old for those. Photos are always fun! Growing up, my grandma would always mail me articles that she thought I would like. And she was right -- I did. I'm convinced, the biggest love can be found in the smallest things.

    I love this idea and am sad that the art of written correspondence (letters, postcards, love notes, etc.) is getting lost in the translation of technology and the desire for immediacy. Lets's keep it alive!


  2. Cool temp tattoo Leslie and those tulips are awesome, the colors are so rich, wow.